How Do I Prevent My Wig From Itching?

How Do I Prevent My Wig From Itching?

One of the most common challenges by new wig-wearers is itching. Luckily, this is an easy fix and you can rock your new hair in comfort in no time!

Itching can be caused by a few different factors, so it’s important to take care of your wig as well as your skin with every step of the process.

Keep Your Hair Off Your Skin

Before you put on your wig, make sure your natural hair is clean and dry. Comb it, tie it up out of your face and pin it down neatly. Moisturizing your face and neck also helps prevent itchy and irritated skin.

Use a Wig Cap

Wig caps are a life saver – they help keep the wig in place, and they conceal your hair underneath. Make sure your wig cap is made from a quality material for your comfort – the best ones are made from a stocking-like material. Netted are good for larger heads or lots of hair and helps your scalp breathe. Solid nylon are great for wig security. Most caps are not expensive and can totally transform your experience wearing a wig!

Quality Wigs Itch Less

We’ve all encountered those Halloween store wigs that come in bags. While they’re fine for a night of partying, look for higher quality if want a more convincing and long-term look. Synthetic wigs are made from polyester plastic, and lower-quality fibres will be rough and scratchy. Higher quality synthetics will have finer strands that more closely imitate the feel of hair. Take a look at some of our synthetic wigs for examples!

Keep Your Wig Clean

Dirt and dust can get caught in the wig fibres and make you itchy! While synthetics generally require less TLC, a human hair wig will need more upkeep, especially if it’s a daily-wear item. If the business you purchased your wig from provides salon services and wig care, you can take it to them for washing and drying. This is one of the services Wigs R Us provides to its clients! Some regular hair stylists may be able to work with a human hair wig as well, but it’s always best to talk to them about it first. Some may direct you back to wig pros.

If you have to scratch an itch, use something small and clean that won’t disrupt the wig and can fit under the cap, like a chopstick or a spare bobby pin.

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