Ready to Become WIG ROYALTY?

Trying to keep a self-care schedule in our uncertain world? Wanna get paid for getting beautiful? Keep reading! We're launching a brand new affiliate program called 👑 WIG ROYALTY! 👑
We've always believed in the power of a glow-up and now we want to take our client love to the next level. You can get a payday for the products that you're already using and loving. And don't worry about your follower count - we want beautiful attitudes who will share the #hairlove!

Once you're approved, we'll send you a personalized code that you can share just about anywhere. Whenever a sale is made with the code, the lucky shopper gets 10% off and you get a 10% bonus! 
Anyone and everyone is invited to apply, no matter your follower amount or whether you're a new or pre-existing client! 
Apply at this link right here babes, we can't wait to work with you!

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