Understanding Trichotillomania

Hair loss is not exclusive to chemo treatments or immunodeficiency. 

If you're struggling with a compulsion to pull out hair along with feelings of anxiety, you may be suffering from Trichotillomania (pronounced trik-o-till-o-may-nee-uh), also known as hair-pulling disorder. The severity of the behaviour and amount of hair loss can vary by individual. While the cause is not entirely understood by doctors yet, it is defined as a psychiatric disorder. Many of its sufferers also experience Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Post-Traumatic Stress, and can benefit from therapeutic treatments.

For many people with Trich, the act of pulling may cause short-term relief of anxiety, but leaves lasting feelings of insecurity over one's appearance, which can cause to more spikes in anxiety or stress later on. Medical and health-related needs are not always visible, although their effects often can be. The most important thing to remember for any person battling a disorder is that it is not your fault this is happening to you. 

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