Why Buy From Us?

Why buy from us?

  • All of our wigs are customized and customizable
  • Designed for every individual
  • Able to try on before buying
  • Clients coming from out of town driving 3-6 hours or those that choose to stay in a hotel at night we now off a ‘Concierge Service.’
  • We offer a 0% no-interestpayment plan
  • Touch/Feel your new crownbefore purchasing and you can buy same day
  • We have thousands of high-end wigs available in stock
  • Our wigs are modern, trendy, and fashionable wigs.
  • Sanitization here at WigsRUs is our TOP PRIORITY. Our clients health and safety is very important to us; we sanitize everything before and after you leave our salon.
  • We specialize in lace wigs, which are the most natural looking wigs unlike grandma’s wig.
  • Our wigs are durable, and designed to be worn every day!
  • Our wigs are bought for fashion, medical, arts and entertainment
  • We give you the most comfortable wig boutique experience


Why do Clients recommend us to their friends and family?

  • We’re a happy, beautiful and trendy Wig Boutique
  • We listen to all your questions and concerns
  • We make you feel like royaltywhen walking in our salon
  • Our customer service is 100%making sure our clients are comfortable and happy in their new crown hence why we have so many satisfied customers


Why buy from us and not out competitors?

  • You know exactly what you’re buying
  • We offer a complete service; style, colour, cut to replicate your natural hair.
  • We offer a cleaning service for your crown, for as low as 50$ a monthto help them maintain your wig.
  • Eliminates those monthly trips to the salon, which could cost you moremoney, & especially during covid time.
  • We stand by our products
  • We are 100% honestwith you making sure that you are happy with your purchase before and after
  • As a part of your purchase, you are entitledto bring it back for customization at no additional cost within 30 days

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