Wig Royalty


About the Wig Royalty Affiliate Program

At Wigs R Us, we believe in helping everyone be their best selves. Our wigs and hairpieces are designed to be 100% unique and give our clients the Royal Treatment. Now, we want to show just how beautiful our community is by giving our wig queens a new way to get involved. You can earn an extra payday from the products you already use and love!

How She Works

Just apply with the form above, and once approved, we'll send you a personalized 5% code. You can share this anytime and anywhere you want - on social media, give it to friends, followers, tell your aunties, put it on business cards, share it at parties - the possibilities are endless! Each time a sale is made with your code, the lucky shopper gets 5% off and you get a 5% commission!

Where to Post Your Code

  • Your website, blog, business cards
  • Your Social Media Accounts - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube
  • Graphics or flyers
  • Share in-person or send to friends, family, etc.

Where NOT to Post Your Code

  • On any coupon/discount websites (RedFlagDeals, etc)
  • On any 3rd party website (eBay, Amazon, etc)
  • Any Wigs R Us Social Media posts unless expressly invited
  • Any replies or comments online where it may be considered off-topic or 'spam'

Terms & Conditions

Wig Royalty has no fees and no monthly minimums. Eligibility will be determined upon review of your application.

5% discount applies to items before taxes and shipping. Occasionally, some sale items may be exempt from the promotion.

We reserve the right to revoke membership to any affiliate who does not represent the program in a positive way. We expect our representatives to act as nice as they look!

This agreement will not be considered an employment relationship with Wigs R Us. We do not assume responsibility for taxes incurred from membership.